Pre-shipment inspection

Pre-shipment inspection services are designed to protect the interests of buyers in their international purchasing programmes.

The intervention is an essential part of an international transaction where documented proof of quality and quantity are a requirement of the payment terms.

Due to our network which covers the main key trading centres in the world we offer an unrivalled standard of service by using well trained and professional specialists dedicated to independent quality and quantity control for our clients.

This service starts at the production stage or earlier and continues through to final checking prior to shipment.

Typically a service portfolio would contain one or more of the following services at a supplier's manufacturing or loading location:


- Verification of raw or semi-manufactured materials

- Sampling and analysis

- Staged production inspection

- Determination of quantity

- Labelling and documentation control

- Witnessing in-house tests

- Finished product inspection

- Packing and marking inspection

- Supervision of stuffing into containers

- Photographic reporting

- Complete final reporting












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