Technical Inspection

Technical Inspection

Our professional staff and representatives maintain a uniform quality standard around the world and they operate with total integrity at all times.

They are supported by modern laboratory facilities in most key locations and are trained in the latest control techniques. They are serviced by a sophisticated communications network and streamlined management systems.

Commodity Inspection Services BV ensure that all clients benefit from the professional and prompt completion of each assignment.


TECHNICAL INSPECTIONS Scope of work which may incorporate any or all of the following beneath listed services.


Visual inspection

Visual inspection of the material/equipment for quality, workmanship, defects and cleanliness of work.


Dimensional checks

Carry out checks to ensure that material/equipment is dimensionally in accordance with approved drawings.


Compliance with specifications and drawings

Welding procedures, welder qualification, coating, rating, material certificates, shop procedures, etc. shall be verified for compliance with specifications, drawings and standard industry practices.



Witness (non) destructive and chemical testing of materials, mechanical run test, functional test, vibration test, noise emission test, electrical performance test, etc.


Verification of documents

Verify, review and/or approve all documentation required in the purchase orders such as test certificates, examination reports, test procedures, etc.


Packing and marking inspection



Submit detailed reports of all services performed. Inspection activities for each purchase order will be reported separately.


Inspection certificate

Issue an inspection certificate immediately after all inspections are completed stating that the equipment or material is in strict accordance with the requirements of the purchase order.

















Inspection services overview


Vessel loading/discharge supervision

On-hire/off-hire condition survey

Bunker slop

Vessel draft survey

Terminal inventory

Prover calibration

Tank and meter calibration

Tank cleanliness

Cargo blending advice

Railcar loading/discharge supervision

Marine services

Pipeline transfers

Sampling (including provision of automatic samplers)


Laboratory services overview

Vessel loading/discharge supervision

Crude oil assay


Mobile laboratory oversight programs

Terminal inventory


Consultancy overview

Petroleum fuel consultancy

Development of analytical laboratory techniques and methods

Shipboard consultancy

















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