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The following description of plant, machinery, equipment and material gives an idea about the diversity of our activities:




such as cars, buses, trucks, tractors, etc.


Cranes and material handling equipment

such as mobile cranes and hoists, overhead travelling cranes, conveyors, fork-lift trucks, scrappers, etc.


Complete industrial projects and plants

such as metallurgical plants, production plants of all types, chemical plants, lines of filling and sealing ampules, etc.


Steel structures

such as bridges, towers, industrial buildings, storage tanks, etc.



such as compressors, blowers, fans, machine tools, diesel engines, machines for textile, climatisation, plastic injection, pumps, valves, turbines, etc.



such as measuring and recording devices for flow, temperature, pressure, speed and acceleration, humidity


Electrical material

such as power stations, transmission lines, poles, generator sets, electrical sub-stations, transformers, cables, cubicles, switch-gears, cabinets


Railroad equipment

such as permanent way material and fastenings, rails, freight cars, turntables, signalling equipment, gensets



such as complete telephone control equipment, broadcasting equipment, mobile telecom equipment, cables



such as crude & petroleum products, fertilisers, pesticides, alcohols & solvents, pharmaceuticals and concentrates, etc.



such as billets, slabs, sheets, pipes, ropes, beams, coils, rebars, etc.



such as kraft paper, printing paper for offset printing, etc.














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